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Consultante en production audiovisuelle et cinématographique

Jean-Joseph Sentuc

  • Conseillère en production audiovisuelle cinéma et fiction
  • Experte en développement de projets audiovisuels francophones
  • Consultante en diversification des potentiels dans le secteur de la production

I am an Inclusion & Diversity creative consultant, specialize in the field of media, content and policy.

I work with corporation to wish to embody I&D into the business. I have more than 30 years in this field.


Currently, Inclusion & Diversity program manager for Netflix France, .


 I’ve having worked as an cultural and audiovisual expert for the Overseas Ministry, at TF1and France 2 as a creative manager.

President of Miroir high performing school, I’ve co-founded, and talent agent for 15 years, this has provided me with an extensive network.

More than a position or a mission, it is my way of life that I grow, the foundation of my core values and the key to my achievements.

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